Wedding Shower in Ireland?

Wedding Shower Ideas That are Entertaining and Fun

Wedding showers can be a lot of fun, but you can make yours more entertaining and memorable by incorporating unique ideas that will make your shower stand out from the other tens of showers your guests will attend in their lifetime. Here are five great unique wedding shower ideas to consider for your celebration:

Back to the 20’s or 80’s Themed Shower
Have a shower themed as if it is from an era in the past. Good themes are anywhere in time from the roaring 20s to the colorful 80s. Incorporate dinnerware, napkins and decorations that are all themed to your chosen era.

Beach Themed Shower
Have your shower at the beach, if you live close enough. You can play all your favorite games just as easily and you and your guests won’t be stuck inside all afternoon. Pack your bikini and go swimming after.

Co-Ed Wedding Shower
Have a co-ed shower. Guys love to be part of the fun and what better way to keep your guy out of trouble during his ‘bachelor’ party than to have your bridal shower and his bachelor party together. Instead of staying inside and playing name that bridal gown designer, you can rent a bar or club for the evening and invite all of your friends and family or rent out the private part of your favorite restaurant and have a late dinner with drinks and a few games after.

Bring Your Best Recipes
Instead of catering, going to a restaurant or cooking all the food yourself, ask each of your guests to bring a food item that is part of a cuisine of your choosing. For example, ask your guests to bring a Mexican, Chinese or seafood dish. It can be home-cooked or store-bought, appetizer or entrée—whatever they want.

Give Back – Donate to a Charity
It feels great to give back and help others, especially when you are celebrating such a momentous occasion. Instead of having your guests bring you gifts, have them bring a check made out to their favorite charity. Each person can take turns discussing their cause before handing over the check. These unique ideas will help breathe some new life into your party and put a new twist on old traditions.

Choose one of these ideas or all of theme and have fun trying to mix them together to create a consistent and cohesive theme. For example, ask your guests to bring a seafood dish to your co-ed beach shower and give a check to their favorite marine charity. The more of these ideas your incorporate into your party, the more unique it will be.