Wedding Bands Cork

When choosing your wedding band, the most important considerations are will they create a night to remember for YOUR WEDDING GUESTS “matchability is key”  how well it matches the guests taste and yours is key to ensuring that your wedding reception gets off to the best possible start.

Make sure that you ask these simple questions –

Do they wedding band do this full-time? If they do not, you might get your bandleader’s voice mail 5 times the Monday -Friday before your wedding because of an all-day meeting at his “real job.”
Have they ever played at the wedding venue before? A veteran will make the day go way more smoothly, since he or she already knows the site’s set-up and unloading procedures.
Does the wedding band have references? Former brides can tell you if the band kept everyone dancing for hours — or misread the crowd and killed the vibe by 10 p.m.
Can they learn new songs if so will they be any good at them? Musicians should be able to pick up a few special requests with four to six weeks’ notice at no extra cost.