Top Wedding Decor through the years

lanning a wedding is an exciting time for couples as they prepare to share their love for one another among family and friends. However, at times it can become an overwhelming and daunting task when trying to decide on the wedding reception decorations. If you already have a theme for the wedding, choosing the decorations will be easier. The following four wedding themes are fun, easy to decorate for and can be accomplished without breaking the budget.

1920′s Theme
Planning a 1920′s themed wedding is exciting and an opportunity to take your guests back in time. The wedding reception decorations for these theme are romantic, elegant and simple. For a full 1920′s effect, choose a venue that has a bar or rent a portable one to give the atmosphere the look of a speakeasy. Using several artist easels, display black and white photos of favorite film stars from the era and remember to include a couple of black and white photos of the bride and groom. The color palate should be kept light, using white, silver and pale blue would be perfect. Use fake pearls to drape over chairs and in the center of the tables. The wedding favors make decorating easy when they are placed strategically on the tables. Favors such as small silver photo frames or miniature pianos will help tie the theme together.

1950′s Theme
Decorating for a 1950′s theme is fun and very easy. One of the easiest ways to decorate for the 1950′s is by renting a jukebox, it will save you money on a band and it will make a 1950′s statement. Instead of an elegant dessert table, opt for a fun and festive candy table. On the candy table use candies that were popular in the 50′s such as Tootsie rolls, bazooka bubble gum, candy necklaces and lemonheads. Black table covers and pink accessories will add that 50′s pop. Miniature musical notes are great favors and make great decorations for a 50′s theme.

Beach Theme
Decorating for a beach wedding theme is fun and easy. Visit local thrift shops or consignment shops to buy colorful and tropical shirts, dresses and accessories. Drape the shirts and dresses over a few plastic surfboards or Styrofoam boogie boards and  add a few sand buckets scattered around the room. Use blue table covers to resemble the water, add several votive candles and favors such as shells. Top off the decorations for a beach themed wedding with a wedding cake designed to resemble a sand castle and your guests will feel as though they have stepping into the tropics.

County & Western Theme
The decorations for a country and western theme can also be found in variety of second-hand shops, dollar stores or in shops that sell farm items. Use hay bales for a few of the seating areas and make centerpieces from cowboy hats or lanterns. Using wedding favors such as small bottles of barbecue sauce will make the guests feel as though they are attending a family barbecue.

Whether it is using wedding reception decorations to give your guests the feeling of going back in time or relaxing on a beach, the goal of the wedding reception is to have fun. When you celebrate your special day with a wedding theme that is meaningful to you as a coupl